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  • hi the software looks amazin i have win7 64bits so i coulndt test it because it crash when it must apply the fixes  8-X
  • Hi, GaTTo

    Thanks for reporting.
    Could you please save report before pressing Clean button and attach it here?

    Best regards
  • Hello heres my saved report http://pastebin.com/WJpVw0Mk it didnt crash it just close the application without any message so maybe im wrong and everythin is fine 
  • just an update now after some tryes when i accept to send report and apply the fixes the screen flash 2 times before the application close i also notice that my antilogger zemana get deactivated by oshi unhooker.
    thanks again guys 
  • Unhooker should not close when you press Clean button, if it did, means it crashed.
    But I wasn't able to reproduce crash with Zemana AntiLogger on Windows 7 x64.
    Looks like you have some other security software (probably antivirus or antirootkit) which is incompatible with OSHI Unhooker.
  • i try to disable also comodo firewall same result i guess my windows is broken or i dunno 
  • Hi, GaTTo

    Sorry for late reply, we were investigating the issue and found out that problem you've encountered is caused by incompatibility between OSHI Unhooker and Comodo Firewall.
    Could you please try this version. It should be fixed now.
  • Hello Andrew its me GaTTo ive tested the beta you gave me and worked perfectly! :) now it say my pc is clean i also tested on a problematic pc running avast but seems to fight with it thanks again you guys are awesome

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