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  • Last Updated: 18-08-2019
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  • Version: 3.0
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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If you are one of those people who is wondering how to run applications created specifically for iOS on your Windows computer, you should learn how to use iPadian, the iOS simulator for Windows applications and games. 
An emulator is a program that mirrors the functions of an operating system, but iPadian is a different type of application - it’s a simulator. It imitates the iOS appearance, but does not allow access to AppStore, including, however, an AppStore-style side bar and Facebook notification widgets. Apple iOS has the most intuitive and fluid application, with aesthetic and convenient user-interface, and iPadian allows to experience it under Windows OS. Only apps that have been specifically designed for iPadian can be run under it.
iPadian iOS simulator application promises to bring the iOS user interface to your Windows computer and make you experience the iPad feeling on your PC - and it does. iPadian is a free iPad simulator, which is ideal for use on all versions of Windows starting with XP. iPadian iOS emulator makes no changes to your computer, however, it opens your Windows with an iPad-like interface. iPadian uses Windows files and runs with your other Windows applications.

how to download iPadian:

In order to download the iPadian installation package for Windows OS, you need to click on Free Download button on the left. The download of the software application to your regular download folder should start automatically.


how to install iPadian:

After the download is complete, please click on the downloaded iPadian package to begin the installation. Follow the instructions provided in the pop-up windows and enjoy your application for Windows OS.


how to run iPadian:

In order to run iPadian, launch the downloaded program. There are two ways of doing that - by clicking on the icon on the Windows OS desktop or by accessing it through the Start button.

How do I uninstall iPadian in Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8:

  • Click "Start"
  • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Under Programs click the Uninstall a Program link.
  • Select "iPadian" and right click, then select Uninstall/Change.
  • Click "Yes" to confirm and continue deleting.


How do I uninstall iPadian in Windows XP:

  • Click "Start"
  • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
  • Click on "iPadian", then click "Remove/Uninstall."
  • Click "Yes" to confirm and continue deleting.


How do I uninstall iPadian in Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000:

  • Click "Start"
  • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Double-click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon.
  • Select "iPadian" and right click, then select Uninstall/Change.
  • Click "Yes" to confirm and continue deleting.


  • It has open source code, is easy to download and to install it you need to have only Adobe AIR.
  • Runs smoothly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10.
  • Automatically included in any application that has already entered Your computer, for example, Facebook.
  • You can easily add, delete and rename the pictures in the background through iPadian iPadian / assets / image / background folder.